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  • Concerts

    There's nothing cooler you can photograph than a someone wailing on guitar surrounded by smoke and spotlights.

  • Nightlife

    Dancing. DJs. Drinks. I'll capture all the shots you want to see, and avoid all the ones you don't.

  • Sports

    Capturing everything from iconic touchdowns to emotional fan reactions.

  • Weddings

    Creating memories of your special day that you'll look back on for years to come.

  • Formal Event

    Sorority/Fraternity Formals, Galas, Graduation Receptions, Milestone Celebrations, and more!

  • Corporate Event

    Annual Meetings, Conference Sessions, Awards Ceremonies, and more!

  • Headshots

    Whether it's for your personal Instagram or company staff page, I'll make sure you look sharp.

Digital Marketing Tools

Web Design

Virtual conference websites, digital portfolios, landing pages, directories, contact pages, blogs, and more!

Video Editing

Need to combine multiple video recordings into one video? Want to make a bigger statement with your awards slideshow? I can help you edit videos to spice up your digital media content.

Graphic Design

Social Media Graphics, Logos, Brochures, Posters…you name it, and I'll make it for you.

Video Captioning

3 Reasons Why You Should Caption Your Videos:

Indexing For SEO: Search engines can’t crawl video, but they can crawl text. If you want your videos to rank on Google, back your video up with captions and a transcript of the audio.
User Experience: Give your audience the ability to enjoy your content, regardless of the environment they are in.
Improve Average Watch Time: Captions grab and hold your audience’s attention, people are more likely to watch your video to completion if they have the option to turn captions on.



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